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Pandora's Legions pdf books
Title:Pandora's Legions
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:379

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Pandora's Poison: Chlorine, Health, and a New Environmental Strategy

Pandora s Poison Chlorine Health and a New Environmental Strategy

b The dangers of organochlorines and a proposed solution b br br i Pandora s Poison i presents a solution to one of the most insidious environmental problems of our time the global build up of toxic chemicals Everywhere on the planet hundreds of industrial chemicals called organochlorines are accumulating in the environment the food supply and our bodies These substances such infamous pollutants as dioxins PCBs and DDT along with thousands of lesser known hazards are produced when chlorine gas is used to make plastics paper pesticides and many industrial chemicals In a thorough and accessible analysis biologist Joe Thornton shows how global organochlorine pollution is already contributing to infertility immune suppression cancer and developmental disorders in humans and wildlife Thornton proposes a major shift in environmental science and policy He shows that the current framework radically overestimates the ability of science and technology to address the complex global hazards of chemical mixtures And he reveals how the sound science that dominates environmental regulations disguises political biases that protect polluters and gamble with public health Articulating principles for a new environmental strategy Thornton shows that the only practical solution is to take global action on broad classes of hazardous chemicals and the processes that produce them starting with organochlorines He lays out a democratically controlled program to replace the production and use of chlorine gas and its derivatives with safer effective and economically feasible alternatives which are already available for the majority of chlorine uses With an innovative interdisiciplinary approach i Pandora s Poison i promises to revolutionize the debate over pollution health and the role of science in public policy

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Interstellar Patrol

Interstellar Patrol

br The crew of the ship were marooned on a planet with no ship repair facilities where the well meaning schemes of social engineers had created a nightmare of battling gangs They had their own invention with them an emotional amplifier which could cause anyone to feel a heightened emotion but this wasn t useful at first If they heightened the locals sense of pride they took pride in becoming better criminals So they pretended to be the Royal Legions sent by a distant star kingdom in pursuit of an all powerful villain who was hiding on the planet Things were going better than they could have hoped and the planet was rapidly becoming civilized and then the real Royal flagship showed up They thought they were doomed but instead they were told they had shown just the type of initiative and intelligence that the new arrivals were looking for So they were inducted into the Interstellar Patrol And that was just the beginning br

The Trouble with Humans

The Trouble with Humans

Humans there s no understanding them and no dealing with them either Or even their i planet i Pity the poor aliens whose shape changing ability should let them take over the planet Earth before the humans even know they re there if it weren t for all that omnipresent pollution Or consider another set of invaders from a planet where the weather is always mild and the changing of the seasons is hardly noticeable They land in force and their weapons are more powerful than those of the primitive humans but they ve never before had to deal with below zero temperatures flash floods or tornados not to mention volcanoes Then there were the aliens who noticed how belligerent humans were and gave them the gift of TV like devices which would show anything anywhere on Earth which was sure to lead to war Imagine how surprised the aliens were when the humans took the gadgets apart improved them and started spying on everything the aliens were up to all over the galaxy Humans don t make sense they don t fight fair and they re making aliens throughout interstellar space think seriously about pulling up stakes and moving to another galaxy

Rx for Chaos

Rx for Chaos

Anvil has a rare ability to combine fast moving adventure with humor deftly skewering the bureaucratic mind whether human or alien br br Science and technology have made our lives easier cured diseases with achievements that an earlier age would have considered impossible But once in a while the law of unintended consequences breaks loose Christopher Anvil considers the two faces of technological innovation Sometimes the result is a literal life saver but at other times a breakthrough may not break quite the way it was supposed to br br A new wonder drug has the unexpected side effect of making people happy Not a problem everybody should want to be happy right But should people be happy all of the time Suppose being happy required you never to disappoint anyone no matter what they re requesting br br Then there was the energy source for every home that would free the country from its dependence on foreign oil except that the prototype was rushed into production a bit too fast br br Back on the bright side another device not only couldn t possibly work by every known law of science but didn t have any obvious uses Then alien invaders landed and suddenly the crackpot device was the world s only hope br br The upside and downside of marvelous new gadgets as told by a master of science fiction adventure with a prescription for fun

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The mighty Centran Empire had been conquering star systems for centuries and then they took on Earth And in spite of their more advanced weapons the Centrans weren t sure just who had conquered who Pandora's Legions books by Christopher Anvil

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