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The Ghost Road (Regeneration, #3) pdf books
Title:The Ghost Road (Regeneration, #3)
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:277

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Pat Barker

Pat Barker

This book offers readings of Barker s innovations in narrative form her revisionist perspectives on history class and gender and her preoccupation with themes of trauma haunting and terror It also analyzes the reasons for her success and significance as a novelist The chapters draw on contemporary theories of critical realism gender and social identities memory and narrative in order to outline the debates with which Barker s work has consistently engaged br br br

The Eye in the Door (Regeneration, #2)

The Eye in the Door Regeneration

London Billy Prior is working for Intelligence in the Ministry of Munitions But his private encounters with women and men pacifists objectors homosexuals conflict with his duties as a soldier and it is not long before his sense of himself fragments and breaks down Forced to consult the man who helped him before army psychiatrist William Rivers Prior must confront his inability to be the dutiful soldier his superiors wish him to be

Double Vision

Double Vision

A gripping novel about the effects of violence on the journalists and artists who have dedicated themselves to representing it br In the aftermath of September reeling from the effects of reporting from New York City two British journalists a writer Stephen Sharkey and a photographer Ben Frobisher part ways Stephen facing the almost simultaneous discovery that his wife is having an affair returns to England shattered he divorces and quits his job Ben returns to his vocation He follows the war on terror to Afghanistan and is killed br Stephen retreats to a cottage in the country to write a book about violence and what he sees as the reporting journalist s or photographer s complicity in it it is a book that will build in large part on Ben s writing and photography Ben s widow Kate a sculptor lives nearby and as she and Stephen learn about each other their world speedily shrinks in pleasing but also disturbing ways Stephen s maid with whom he has begun an affair was once lovers with Kate s new studio assistant an odd local man named Peter As these connections become clear Peter s strange behavior around Stephen and Kate begins to take on threatening implications The sinister events that take place in this small town so far from the theaters of war Stephen has retreated from will force him to act instinctively violently and to face his most painful revelations about himself br

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The final book in the Regeneration Trilogy and winner of the Booker Prize br The Ghost Road is the culminating masterpiece of Pat Barker s towering World War I fiction trilogy The time of the novel is the closing months of the most senselessly savage of modern conflicts In France millions of men engaged in brutal trench warfare are all ghosts in the making In England psychologist William Rivers with severe pangs of conscience treats the mental casualties of the war to make them whole enough to fight again One of these Billy Prior risen to the officer class from the working class both courageous and sardonic decides to return to France with his fellow officer poet Wilfred Owen to fight a war he no longer believes in Meanwhile Rivers enfevered by influenza returns in memory to his experience studying a South Pacific tribe whose ethos amounted to a culture of death Across the gulf between his society and theirs Rivers begins to form connections that cast new light on his and our understanding of war br Combining poetic intensity with gritty realism blending biting humor with tragic drama moving toward a denouement as inevitable as it is devastating The Ghost Road both encapsulates history and transcends it It is a modern masterpiece br The Ghost Road (Regeneration, #3) books by Pat Barker

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