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The Trigger pdf books
Title:The Trigger
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:464

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Clarke's Universe

Clarke s Universe

In A Fall of Moondust time is running out for the passengers and crew of the tourist cruiser Selene incarcerated in a sea of choking lunar dust On the surface her rescuers find their resources stretched to the limit by the pitiless and unpredictable conditions of a totally alien environment The Lion of Comarre presents the far flung future where one city of extraordinary means was built on Earth Comarre and it is rumored to still exist None but a few know of its location A young man with great prospects and no worries goes on a hunt for the fabled city and what he finds is something mankind has only dreamed of

2001: A Space Odyssey (Space Odyssey, #1)

A Space Odyssey Space Odyssey

The classic science fiction novel that changed the way we looked at the stars and ourselves You are invited aboard the spacecraft Discovery on a voyage to the outer edge of the solar system Within are two increasingly frightened navigators three frozen hibernauts and a computer named Hal

Rendezvous with Rama (Rama, #1)

Rendezvous with Rama Rama

An all time science fiction classic i Rendezvous with Rama i is also one of Clarke s best novels it won the Campbell Hugo Jupiter and Nebula Awards A huge mysterious cylindrical object appears in space swooping in toward the sun The citizens of the solar system send a ship to investigate before the enigmatic craft called Rama disappears The astronauts given the task of exploring the hollow cylindrical ship are able to decipher some but definitely not all of the extraterrestrial vehicle s puzzles From the ubiquitous trilateral symmetry of its structures to its cylindrical sea and machine island Rama s secrets are strange evidence of an advanced civilization But who and where are the Ramans and what do they want with humans Perhaps the answer lies with the busily working biots or the sealed off buildings or the inaccessible southern half of the enormous cylinder Rama s unsolved mysteries are tantalizing indeed i Rendezvous with Rama i is fast moving fascinating and a must read for science fiction fans Clarke collaborated with Gentry Lee in writing several Rama sequels beginning with i Rama II i

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Rendezvous with Rama (Rama, #1)

Rendezvous with Rama Rama

At first only a few things are known about the celestial object that astronomers dub Rama It is huge weighing more than ten trillion tons And it is hurtling through the solar system at an inconceivable speed Then a space probe confirms the unthinkable Rama is no natural object It is incredibly an interstellar spacecraft Space explorers and planet bound scientists alike prepare for mankind s first encounter with alien intelligence It will kindle their wildest dreams and fan their darkest fears For no one knows who the Ramans are or why they have come And now the moment of rendezvous awaits just behind a Raman airlock door

Childhood's End

Childhood s End

The Overlords appeared suddenly over every city intellectually technologically and militarily superior to humankind Benevolent they made few demands unify earth eliminate poverty and end war With little rebellion humankind agreed and a golden age began br br But at what cost With the advent of peace man ceases to strive for creative greatness and a malaise settles over the human race To those who resist it becomes evident that the Overlords have an agenda of their own As civilization approaches the crossroads will the Overlords spell the end for humankind or the beginning

2001: A Space Odyssey (Space Odyssey, #1)

A Space Odyssey Space Odyssey

On the Moon an enigma is uncovered br br So great are the implications of this discovery that for the first time men are sent out deep into our solar system br br But long before their destination is reached things begin to go horribly inexplicably wrong br br One of the greatest selling science fiction novels of our time this classic book will grip you to the very end

2010: Odyssey Two (Space Odyssey, #2)

Odyssey Two Space Odyssey

Nine years after the disastrous i Discovery i mission to Jupiter in a joint U S Soviet expedition sets out to rendezvous with the derelict spacecraft to search the memory banks of the mutinous computer HAL for clues to what went wrong and what became of Commander Dave Bowman br br Without warning a Chinese expedition targets the same objective turning the recovery mission into a frenzied race for the precious information i Discovery i may hold about the enigmatic monolith that orbits Jupiter br br Meanwhile the being that was once Dave Bowman the only human to unlock the mystery of the monolith streaks toward Earth on a vital mission of its own

The City and the Stars

The City and the Stars

Clarke s masterful evocation of the far future of humanity considered his finest novel br br Men had built cities before but never such a city as Diaspar For millennia its protective dome shut out the creeping decay and danger of the world outside Once it held powers that rule the stars br br But then as legend has it the invaders came driving humanity into this last refuge It takes one man a Unique to break through Diaspar s stifling inertia to smash the legend and discover the true nature of the Invaders

The Fountains of Paradise

The Fountains of Paradise

This Hugo and Nebula Award winning novel is reissued in this trade paperback edition Vannemar Morgan s dream of linking Earth with the stars requires a mile high space elevator But first he must solve a million technical political and economic problems while allaying the wrath of God Includes a new introduction by the author

2061: Odyssey Three (Space Odyssey, #3)

Odyssey Three Space Odyssey

Arthur C Clark creator of one of the world s best loved science fiction tales revisits the most famous future ever imagined in this NEW YORK TIMES bestseller as two expeditions into space become inextricably tangled Heywood Floyd survivor of two previous encounters with the mysterious monloiths must again confront Dave Bowman HAL and an alien race that has decided that Mankind is to play a part in the evolution of the galaxy whether it wishes to or not This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title

The Garden of Rama (Rama, #3)

The Garden of Rama Rama

In the year a mysterious spaceship Rama arrived in the solar system It was huge big enough to contain a city and a sea and empty apparently abandoned By the time Rama departed for its next unknown destination many wonders had been uncovered but few mysteries solved Only one thing was clear everything the enigmatic builders of Rama did they did in threes br br Eighty years later the second alien craft arrived in the solar system This time Earth had been waiting But all the years of preparation were not enough to unlock the Raman enigma br br Now Rama II is on its way out of the solar system Aboard it are three humans two men and a woman left behind when the expedition departed Ahead of them lies the unknown a voyage no human has ever experienced And at the end of it and who could tell how many years away that might be may lie the truth about Rama

Rama II (Rama, #2)

Rama II Rama

years after the events of Rendezvous with Rama a second Raman vessel enters our solar system Its arrival is expected and an expedition is sent to unlock more of Rama s mysteries but the crew are unprepared both for what they find and for the conflicts that arise between them

3001: The Final Odyssey (Space Odyssey, #4)

The Final Odyssey Space Odyssey

One thousand years after the Jupiter mission to explore the mysterious Monolith had been destroyed after Dave Bowman was transformed into the Star Child Frank Poole drifted in space frozen and forgotten leaving the supercomputer HAL inoperable But now Poole has returned to life awakening in a world far different from the one he left behind and just as the Monolith may be stirring once again

Rama Revealed (Rama, #4)

Rama Revealed Rama

Rama Revealed is a science fiction novel by Arthur C Clarke and Gentry Lee It is the last of three sequels to Clarke s Rendezvous with Rama by these authors The book picks up the story immediately after the end of The Garden of Rama The book follows the story of Nicole Wakefield and her escape from imprisonment left at the cliffhanger of the previous book

The Trigger - PDF | ePUB | PDB | Audio books | Kindle
A team of physicists develops the trigger a directional device that can cause the explosion of munitions at will in a gun in a terrorist storehouse in a minefield anywhere This novel by two bestselling sci fi authors details the wrenching changes wrought by such a scientific feat with nothing less than global peace at stake The Trigger books by Arthur C. Clarke, Michael P. Kube-McDowell

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