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The Labyrinth of Solitude and Other Writings pdf books
Title:The Labyrinth of Solitude and Other Writings
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El laberinto de la soledad

El laberinto de la soledad

i El laberinto de la soledad i es una de las piezas claves de la literatura moderna ensayo l mismo moderno y reflexi n cr tica sobre la modernidad En la historia de la literatura hispanoamericana se trata de la prosa ensay stica m s importante de este siglo la que ha influido m s en el pensamiento y en la literatura de lengua espa ola y la que m s ha resonado en los de otras lenguas En el contexto intelectual hisp nico pertenece a la tradici n del ensayo de identidad nacional En palabras de Octavio Paz Es un libro dentro de la tradici n francesa del moralismo Es una descripci n de ciertas actitudes por una parte y por otra un ensayo de interpretaci n hist rica Es una voluntad de interpretar cr ticamente la realidad hist rica de M xico Esta edici n de El laberinto de la soledad se ha hecho en estrecha colaboraci n con el propio Octavio Paz que no s lo ha revisado especialmente para este publicaci n sus propios textos sino que adem s ha le do y revisado las aportaciones de Enrico Mario Sant Se incluye tambi n un texto in dito de Octavio Paz El tres y el cuatro y tres nuevas versiones de otros tantos textos realizadas por el autor para esta edici n

Sor Juana: Or, the Traps of Faith

Sor Juana Or the Traps of Faith

Mexico s leading poet essayist and cultural critic writes of a Mexican poet of another time and another world the world of seventeenth century New Spain His subject is Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz the most striking figure in all of Spanish American colonial literature and one of the great poets of her age br br Her life reads like a novel A spirited and precocious girl one of six illegitimate children is sent to live with relatives in the capital city She becomes known for her beauty wit and amazing erudition and is taken into the court as the Vicereine s protegee For five years she enjoys the pleasures of life at court then abruptly at twenty enters a convent for life Yet no recluse she transforms the convent locutory into a literary and intellectual salon she amasses an impressive library and collects scientific instruments reads insatiably composes poems and corresponds with literati in Spain To the consternation of the prelates of the Church she persists in circulating her poems redolent more of the court than the cloister Her plays are performed volumes of her poetry are published abroad and her genius begins to be recognized throughout the Hispanic world Suddenly she surrenders her books forswears all literary pursuits and signs in blood a renunciation of secular learning The rest is silence She dies two years later at forty six br br Octavio Paz has long been intrigued by the enigmas of Sor Juana s personality and career Why did she become a nun How could she renounce her lifelong passion for writing and learning Such questions can be answered only in the context of the world in which she lived Paz gives a masterly portrayal of the life and culture of New Spain and the political and ideological forces at work in that autocratic theocratic male dominated society in which the subjugation of women was absolute br br Just as Paz illuminates Sor Juana s life by placing it in its historical setting so he situates her work in relation to the traditions that nurtured it With critical authority he singles out the qualities that distinguish her work and mark her uniqueness as a poet To Paz her writings like her life epitomize the struggle of the individual and in particular the individual woman for creative fulfillment and self expression

Selected Poems

Selected Poems

Octavio Paz asserts Eliot Weinberger in his introduction to these Selected Poems is among the last of the modernists who drew their own maps of the world For Latin America s foremost living poet his native Mexico has been the center of a global mandala a cultural configuration that in his life and work he has traced to its furthest reaches to Spain as a young Marxist during the Civil War to San Francisco and New York in the early s to Paris as a surrealist in the postwar years to India and Japan in and to the East again as his country s ambassador to India from to and to various universities in the United States throughout the s A great synthesizer the rich diversity of Paz s thought is shown here in all its astonishing complexity Among the sixty seven selections in this volume a gathering in English of his most essential poems drawn from nearly fifty years work are Muriel Rukeyser s now classic version of Sun Stone and new translations by editor Weinberger of Blanco and Maithuna And since for Paz forever in motion there can be no such thing as a definitive text all the poems have been revised to conform to the poet s most recent changes in the original Spanish Besides those by Rukeyser and Weinberger the translations in the Selected Poems are by G Aroul Elizabeth Bishop Paul Blackburn Lysander Kemp Denise Levertov Mark Strand Charles Tomlinson William Carlos Williams and Monique Fong Wust

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Octavio Paz has long been acknowledged as Mexico s foremost writer and critic In this international classic Paz has written one of the most enduring and powerful works ever created on Mexico and its people character and culture Compared to Ortega y Gasset s The Revolt of the Masses for its trenchant analysis this collection contains his most famous work The Labyrinth of Solitude a beautifully written and deeply felt discourse on Mexico s quest for identity that gives us an unequalled look at the country hidden behind the mask Also included are The Other Mexico Return to the Labyrinth of Solitude Mexico and the United States and The Philanthropic Ogre all of which develop the themes of the title essay and extend his penetrating commentary to the United States and Latin America The Labyrinth of Solitude and Other Writings books by Octavio Paz, Lysander Kemp, Yara Milos

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