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Title:The Werewolf Cure: A BDSM Story
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Erika L. Foster
Publisher:Erika Foster
ISBN 13:
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The Werewolf Cure: A BDSM Story by Erika L. Foster

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Werewolf Cure: A BDSM Story A rogue pack arrived claiming they were from the North They raided and robbed nearly every house in town In human form they were terrible thugs But every month when the full moon shone .

Take off her blindfold ordered the growling man I want her to see me when I take her .

There were fingers at the covering of my eyes much thinner than the brutish slabs belonging to the guy towering over me They gently tugged at it until it was off my head I blinked furiously and groaned a little as I got used to the sudden light The room which looked almost like a hospital examination room was dimly lit but it was still enough to make my eyes sting A dark figure loomed above my head his fuzzy outline slowly clearing Poised a fraction of an inch from my lips stood the hard fat head of the c with which he d been violating my throat .

I slowly worked my way up his chest impossibly broad and very hairy to finally look at his face My gaze caught his Steel blue and ice cold the eyes I d stared at on that horrible night six months ago .

My eyes and mouth flew open in terror He shot me a smirk Don t scream .

You re a monster I whispered The steel blue eyes narrowed That s a bad thing to call me slut He raised his powerful arm and brought it slashing down across my face My head whipped to the side from the impact Forgetting for a moment that I was tied down I tried to touch my stinging cheek The man noticed this and laughed .

He forced me to face him again only to raise his other hand and slap my other cheek I whimpered as he surveyed his work .

Respect and obey me and I won t have to do that again he growled I nodded faintly

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