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The Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed

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Donald Trump and the Triumph of Anti-Politics. In this fairy tale from 2050, the invisible monster of climate change continues to ravage the land., Triumph of the Drill: How Big Oil Clings to Billions in Government Giveaways Deficit hawks slam them. Execs say they dont need them. So why does petroleum still ..., Ruy Teixeira (pronounced Tush-aira) and I have been friends since the early 1970s when we were members of a socialist group, the New American Movement, that was ..., Theres a joke we sometimes tell in Canada: Whats a Canadian? An apologetic American with health care. Its funny because... Read More, For his entire life, Elon Musk has bent people to his insatiable will. Most recently, he's co-opted NASA. And now we'll see whether he's a) the visionary who forces ..., There is a common nave view among many conservatives and other supporters of a bloated military establishment that foreign policy is made as part of a ..., Get up to the minute breaking political news and in-depth analysis on, The Triumph of Evil. It is one of the most shameful stories of the post-Cold War world. One million Tutsis were slaughtered by the Hutu majority in Rwanda while the ..., Opinion - Ride-sharing company Uber might be flouting the law but Peter Griffin says they will win the war with taxis., Religion is important for American politics because religion is important for Americans. 1 Yet, there are factors in American political life that amplify ...19014002 epub books 19014000 epub books