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Slow Burn (Buchanan, #5) Julie Garwood - (Rating: 2 - 25 votes)

Slow Burn (Buchanan, #5)

- Every fire begins with a little heatand in Slow Burn, bestselling author Julie Garwood provides the spark, skillfully blending pulse-pounding action, intense emotion, and characters with grit and heart. The result is an electrifying novel of romantic suspense that will have readers burning through the pages.An unpretentious beauty who radiates kindness, Kate MacKenna doesnt have a bad bone in her bodyor an enemy in the world. So why are bombs igniting everywhere she goes? The first explosion brings her face-to-face with a handsome Charleston police detective. The second sends her into the arms of her best friends brothera Boston cop whos a little too reckless and way too charming for comfort. But Dylan Buchanan wont let emotion prevent him from doing his job: Someone is trying to kill Kate, and Dylan is the only one standing between her and the monster who wants her dead.

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