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Deadly Loyalties (Call of Duty, #2)

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Deadly Loyalties (Call of Duty, #2) Chantilly LaFluer's old commander presents her with the monumental task of creating an experimental ops squad unheard of before 9/11. A colossal opportunity to make her vision of a Skunk Works team into reality. The only hitch to her plans? One of her trainers.Bucky Stevens, Green Beret and rogue soldier, agrees to come on board to help his friend, Major Jensen. Beats sitting behind a desk. What he didn't expect was his latest conquest as his first in command. And that's when his problems began.They answer the call of duty to train an alphabet group of recruits in the latest cutting-edge technology. Danger hits close to home sooner than the top brass expected and their team is shoved into the field. With high adrenaline and higher stakes, can Chantilly accept the deadly loyalty her commander asks of her and walk away with her life still intact?

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