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After the Rain

After the Rain - Read Online or Download After the Rain by Philip Cox Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - Its too late. The rains have come.Young, wealthy, tanned and toned, handsome, sexy Adam Williams spends an evening with a girl in a bar in a small town in South Florida. They leave together, but that is the last anybody has seen of him.With the local police unable to trace Adam, his brother Craig travels to Florida to find him. Craig brings a workmate, Ben, with him to support and company.Craig is also toned, handsome and sexy, so is Ben. The only thing isCraig is gay, Ben is anything butAs the two friends begin to pick up Adams trail, they find themselves being drawn into a bizarre and deadly game of cat and mouse where nobody can be trusted, and nobody will tell them the significance of the rains.While all this is going on, Craig starts to question the basis of his friendship with Ben. Ben has just come out of a straight relationship: are they in a different league, or is Craig now in with a chance?

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