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Churning Waters (Churning Waters Saga)

Meredith T. Taylor - (Rating: 2 - 37 votes)

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Churning Waters (Churning Waters Saga) OverviewChurning Waters introduces the story of young Marguerite Westley, a heroine that discovers her family tree holds a secret link to the world of the Sironians - an underwater race of dark and powerful beings. The stunning beauty of these sirens can only be matched by the danger they represent. Marguerite struggles to understand how she, a half-breed, fits into this new and mysterious world. Marguerite is inevitably drawn to William Avery, a powerful young Sironian sworn to watch over her. Despite Williams dark past, he has vowed to keep her safe from the forces who seek to destroy her. As their reluctant attraction turns to romance, Marguerite must prepare herself for a climactic collision between the human world of her past and the Sironian world she has now embraced. Marguerite is faced with the ultimate sacrifice to protect those that she loves.SynopsisSeventeen-year-old Marguerite Westly never imagined the mysteries held in the familiar coastal waters of Murrells Inlet. But as the adventurous Margo begins to develop abnormal abilities, her quest for answers entangles her on the hidden world of the Sironians. In just a short time, she is caught between the human world, and the ancient regime of Theron, who wants destroy her. Through a twist of fate, a sect of Sironian protectors has broken from Therons regime and has been enlisted to safeguard Marguerite.Her strength is put to the test as she joins the forces enlisted to guard her. But as she begins to fall in love with her protector, the mysterious William Avery, she risks losing her heart and ultimately her life in the process. Margos feelings for William intensify as he is forced to come to her rescue time and again. However, affections between the pair, ignite jealousy from Therons granddaughter, the jilted Aria, escalating the conflict. As Therons forces threaten to attack all that she loves, Margo is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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