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Hang Sorrow Hotel

Hang Sorrow Hotel - Read Online or Download Hang Sorrow Hotel by Betty Rains Stewart Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - Sarah Pepper had postponed leaving her family, going out on her own, and dipping her toes in waters of freedom far too long. Then, her brothers got married, roamed hither and yon, her fathers job transferred him, and the door to independence slid open. She was offered a marvelous new job in a place shed never heard of and took it. From that point on, a series of innocent mishaps such as wrong turns, no cell phone service, blinding rain, drastic dip in temperature, and a hotel located in the back of beyond threw her into a brand new world.From her entrance into the front door of the hotel, Sarah was smacked with doubt, all the while under the guise of pursuing liberty. Strangely enough, in such an isolated bit of Ozark woods, meeting people she never hoped to meet before, she believes she recognizes someone. At the very least, there was something eeriely familiar about one of the male guests. However, he gave no indication, and not even a momentary pause, that he felt the same sense of acquaintance.As her first night in the hotel progresses, Sarah discovers her room is isolated from the others, and while the dining room and dinner are welcoming, someone is spying on the guests as they eat. Strange sounds abound, the lights never work, an ice storm hits, and someone bangs on her door claiming to have been kidnapped. None of it sets her teeth on edge as does the knowledge that she knows the man banging on her door: C.J. Van Ausdale.Not only familiar, Sarah and C.J. have history.None of the weirdness of people and place is as disturbing as when Sarah returns to her dark room, stumbles over a dead body, encounters the local law, is blocked in by the ice storm, suspected of murder, and forced to defend herself by analyzing all the people sequestered with her. A tale of mystery surrounds each one, including the only one she knows: C.J. Van Ausdale.As each layer is peeled away, clues abound, reasons revealed, people accused or exonerated until the truth becomes clear.

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