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Union Bound: He Went to War to Free the Slaves But Was Freed by Them

- Union Boundis the amazing true story of Joseph Hoover a Union Soldier who witnessed many incredible moments during the terrible carnage of the Civil War.Union Boundis a story of honor, integrity, love of country and the belief that all men are equal. Based on the actual diaries of Union soldier Joseph Hoover. This is the story of how Captain Hover came to join the Union army only to become captured during the Battle of the Wilderness and taken to the dreaded Andersonville prison in Georgia where he was held for four long months before being transferred to the Florence Stockade in South Carolina. Shortly after arriving to Florence, Joseph escaped and was helped by the very slaves they fought to free as they helped him travel the Underground Railroad back to his company in the north. A companion book to the popular dramatic film by the same name,Union Bounddelves into matters of integrity, honor, and redemption. In a time of racial division like the country hasnt seen in sixty years and weak leaders who are willing to compromise the principles and values the nation was founded on in order to appease an enemy hell-bent on killing anyone who disagrees with them,Union Boundis a powerful story of one man who understood what slavery is all about and who risked everything to do the right thing, to save his country, to free slaves. It is a story of compassion, resolve, and unity against a common evil. It is a story of our past to encourage us to be resolute today. After the war he went back to his farm in upstate New York and worked as a cabinet maker. He went on to live to be eighty-four years old.

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