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Trust Your Instincts: The Secret - A Safety Series for Children

- Everybody, at some point in life, has the experience of wishing they had trusted their instincts more. Perhaps they could have changed an outcome, avoided bad consequences, created something positive. Often it may have simply been a matter of speaking up at the right time. We are Brenda and Natalie Blackburn, a mother-daughter team creating a series of books to help teach small children the importance of speaking up for themselves. Trust Your Instincts is a work of love. Each book is a catalyst to open conversations about listening to that small voice inside your head, especially when that voice is telling you that something just does not feel right. We are creating a proactive program to empower children with the knowledge that it's always okay to talk about how they feel. The series also helps parents assure their children that they are safe, loved, and that their parents, guardians, or other caring grownups are always available to listen and to help.

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