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Title:Black Boat Dancing (Con Maknazpy, #2)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Gerard Cappa
Publisher:Piper's Head
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:276

Black Boat Dancing (Con Maknazpy, #2) by Gerard Cappa

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Black Boat Dancing (Con Maknazpy, #2) The new Maknazpy thriller The new cold war is heating up pump primed by oil and the race to control the pipelines Cyber warriors mine the dark side of international finance to destabilize enemy governments .

Their money trail stretches from Macau and New York to Rio de Janeiro Cyprus Beirut and Odessa and the finance lines of governments and gangsters criss cross through Ukraine and Crimea .

When Jorginho the Black Hat hacker goes AWOL in Portugal with the secrets of America s role in the Arab Spring rebellions Maknazpy is enlisted to bring him back dead or alive Maknazpy tracks the runaway through the narrow streets of old Lisbon until he is betrayed and the hunter becomes the hunted Juggling a hot money scam and cold war treachery Maknazpy keeps one step ahead of his own US handlers Chinese Military Intelligence the Russian Mafia and a Brazilian street gang .

But this time he is weak Subjected to scrambled mind games and capricious illusions Maknazpy freefalls into a crisis of identity that threatens to choke his will to go on unless he can scrape enough faith to scourge deep into his dark soul for that rugged core of self belief and self knowledge that has lain dormant for so long Then he might remember what it means to believe to hope even to trust Maknazpy is starting all over again .

Reviews for Maknazpy Blood from a Shadow .

He aims at a diverse readership One that demands a page turning violent saga and another that savors a more polished gloss Prof JL Murphy Los Angeles Amazon Top .

Based on this fast paced intricate thriller Gerard Cappa deserves elevation to the top rank of thriller writers Scott Parsons Ottawa .

This kind of talent is something seen in the great and famous writers around the world and Cappa is a great writer Dragonmount Books Brazil .

Attempts a new approach to the conspiracy action thriller but even read on this surface level alone it s written in a way that delivers thrills without insulting your intelligence Keris Nine Amazon Top .

Very strong characters and beautifully written Conspiracy Thriller Duygo Altinok Istanbul .

Displays a commendable ruthlessness unlike many thrillers this one treats the death of innocents as considerably more than a plot motor and we are never allowed to forget that being injured hurts Con is tough but he never degenerates into a superhero and that redemption comes at a price Philip Challinor London .

Distinctively drawn and interesting characters fast paced with a super abundance of sub plots story line twists and gritty violence to satisfy any aficionado of the genre Joseph Haschka California Amazon Top Reviewe

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