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The Pikemans Lament: Pike and Shot Wargaming Rules

- The Pikeman's Lament is a skillful adaptation of the popular, Origins Award nominated Lion Rampant skirmish rules. Where Lion Rampant focuses on bringing medieval combat to life on the tabletop, The Pikeman's Lament is aimed at refighting battles in the seventeenth century (broadly 16111721). Among the conflicts from this period are the Thirty Years War, the English Civil Wars, the Franco-Dutch War, the Great Northern War, and the Wars of the Spanish Succession.Written as a collaboration between British Lion Rampant designer Daniel Mersey and Swedish Lion Rampant demonstrator and pike and shot gamer Michael Leck, the two authors combine the simplicity of the original medieval rules with an authentic feel for pike and shot battles. While the core rules are largely consistent with Lion Rampant, new troop types, additional special rules, scenarios, and a campaign system provide plenty of period flavor and ensure that The Pikeman's Lament is its own game.

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