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TimeSplash (Timesplash, #1)

Graham Storrs - (Rating: 2 - 171 votes)

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TimeSplash (Timesplash, #1) In the year 2050, London is on the verge of destruction. A thrill-seeker calling himself Sniper is about to jump back in time to create a time paradox. It's called timesplashing. It is exciting, dangerous, and the people who do it love every moment. Best of all, it doesn't change a thing - except in the present. When the acausal backwash from the splash hits the present, all hell breaks loose. Make a big enough timesplash, far enough back, and it can devastate a whole city.For a while, timesplashing was an extreme sport and an excuse for a big party. Then Sniper took it too far. People started dying and lives were destroyed. Sandra and Jay are two young people whose lives were shattered in a timesplash that went badly wrong in 2047. Now, each in their own way, they are hunting the timesplashers. And if they don't find them, millions could die.

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