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Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul - Read Online or Download Dark Night of the Soul by G. Geoghegan Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - dark night of the Soul: may be too complex for some readers. Not all but some segment of humanity will experience before or after death, to some degree, the dark night of the soul. This experience, designed by God, is to elevate that soul to a higher level of perfection before entering Heaven. That soul, as do so many, will share to some degree in the suffering of the crucifixion as his life unfolds about him. Each day counts for all eternity therefore anything happening within that day becomes a recorded part of his life including his sins as well as his good deeds. It is here the soul will discover his losses or gains that will remain with him forever. It is here that he was having difficulty assimilating this confusion & fear in this dark void between his mortal & life immortal. It seems as though he, the Protagonist, is stuck in a dark endless void as he recounts & endures his entire life from his earliest reflection to his final moments before eternity claims him. Here the final battle of life eternal is resolved.

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