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Nine Mil - Read Online or Download Nine Mil by Robert Ryan Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - A hard-boiled tale of guns and revenge under the neon lights of Atlantic CityOn a floating casino just off the New Jersey coast, two masked gunmen open fire. Their powerful Austrian machine guns shatter mirrors, crack fish tanks, and knock the grand chandelier from the ceiling. By the time the smoke clears, the men are long gone, but two clues remain: a rare weapon recovered from the swirling waters of the Atlantic and the fact that, in an inescapable barrage of bullets, nobody got shot.Atlantic City taxi driver Ed Behr cant remember the last time someone took on the casinos. Then again, ever since he got his head slammed into a prison shower faucet, Eds memory hasnt been all that great. He keeps track of his days in a little red notebook, or risks losing them forever. The one person Ed cant forget, from the time when he was more than just a fat, broke ex-con cabbie, is Honeyand he cant seem to find her anywhere. But the glimpse of another, less welcome face from the past sets Eds wheels spinning, and he soon has a plan to reunite his old crew for a score that will make everything right again, or put them all out of their misery forever.

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