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Healing Has Come: Keep Faith Alive

Healing Has Come: Keep Faith Alive - Read Online or Download Healing Has Come: Keep Faith Alive by Se Scott Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - Healing Has Come, Keep Faith Alive is a book of poems about healing, faith and a host of life issues. What are the burning issue/s that consume us in today's world? How do we internalize all that "stuff"? Where do we go for solace? Healing Has Come is also about acknowledging the great presence--God within us as the only guide in our lives, and Jesus Christ, His Son as Savior. Stop looking outside when everything is within. All of these themes and ideas are expressed through poetry. These poems are written for readers to ponder and to be proactive about healing even though the reader may not think of himself/herself as sick. All of us need God's healing power in our lives. The message of Healing Has Come is that we have access with Jesus! Wonderful news! Healing Has Come! Keep Faith Alive. May God bless and heal in your life, Dear Reader.

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