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Determinants of Free Will

- The Determinants of Free Will: A Psychological Analysis of Responsible, Adjustive Behavior deals with the concept of personal adjustment as freedom of will and a personal responsibility. The book reviews the definitions, rationale, and general framework of concepts of free will, responsibility, and other terminologies. The text explains the determinants of free will; it also analyzes 1) educated intelligence and 2) efficacy as the determinants of mental health or proper personal adjustment. The text explains the philosophy of Kurt Goldstein and cites references to evidence pointing to the differences in thought among people who have forward-looking or situation-dependent behaviors. The issue of independence in a social context is also discussed. This topic includes the determinants of maladjustments and self-disciplined members of society. The text also examines motivation and informational independence through literature dealing with mechanisms of behavioral autonomy. The book also reviews the sharing of freedom and the limits to freedom of will. The text is suitable for psychologists, psychoanalysts, guidance counselors, child educators, and behavioral therapists.

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