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Title:The Pack's Reluctant Mate
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(Rating: 2 - 6 votes)
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Francis Ashe The Pack's Reluctant Mate

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Pack's Reluctant Mate Innocent Fiona has heard legends of skinwalkers who can change shape at will, but thought they were simply old tales. On a peaceful walk through the woods, she learns maybe there is more to the Elders tales than she ever thought.Cornered by a pack of wolves with eyes that she finds strangely human, and beautiful, she feels passion and lust bubble up from deep inside her things shes never felt before, but things she cannot deny. Will she escape the pack, or will she become the reluctant mate to the mighty Alpha who needs Fiona more than she knows.Warning: This sizzling 9800 word erotic romance features a young woman getting what shes always wanted, a passionate mnage, unhinged monsters with barely enough humanity left to control their most savage urges and a curse that can only be cured in one way, by one woman.

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Wandering through the woods, Dana hears birds, smells the flowers, and hasnt a care in the world, when out of nowhere, thunderous noise explodes around her. In an instant, Danas peaceful stroll is turned upside down by the appearance of savage wolves.

Terrified, and being sensible, she runs. But nothing will keep the monsters at her heels from having what they want, and what they want is Dana. Snarling, snapping, and roaring quickly gives way to a desperate fight for dominance...and for Dana.

The beautiful half-man creatures captivate her, dominate her, and take her back to their den where she must meet the Alphas approval if she has any hope of survival.

WARNING: this 9000 word, sizzling erotic story features rough domination, a feral mnage, a terrible curse, and an alpha wolf so lusty and powerful that nothing will stop him from getting what he needs., For Spring Break, Ashley decides she needs to take an easy trip home to visit her dad and step-brother. She's got a lot of work to get done, so anything exciting is out of the question. However, her brother and his best friend turn out to be very, very different than the last time she saw him. An invitation for drinks by a campfire turns into an experience she won't forget!

Warning: this erotic short story features a devil's triangle, a step-brother fantasy, a lot of foreplay, some dares, a double penetration and three huge orgasms!, Ashleigh, a determined, beautiful and fit woman nearing thirty needs a man who can fulfill needs that her husband, Jeff, cannot. For years they've been happily living the cuckold lifestyle. She's become ready for another step, but she is not quite sure what that means - until one day, in a flash of insight, Ashleigh thinks of just the thing: a baby. But not by Jeff.

Her husband helps her sift through stacks of breeding bull applications, looking for a certain something. That certain something or rather, someone happens to be the mega-rich, and incredibly dominant Clark Richards, hot-shot CEO. After an office interview, Richards accepts the two and agrees to give the couple what theyve both been wanting: a real man between Ashleighs legs, and a baby in her belly.

Warning: This 9000+ word steamy erotic tale features cuckolding, a dominant billionaire bull, breeding sex, a trial blowjob, a loving, but half-****** husband, rough bondage, hard spankings, deep throating, an internal ***shot, impregnation fetish, and a cuckolded husband licking up the remnants of the man who filled his wife.


When he finally stepped out into the night, he was gorgeous. Perfectly combed hair, just the right amount of stubble across his jaw, those big shoulders and arms covered in a perfectly tailored charcoal grey suit. His trousers were obviously well-tailored, but the muscles in his thighs made them fit tightly around him nonetheless. Oh this is going to be good, oh this is going to be good.

I watched him walk up our little stone path and straighten his lapels in the reflection of the door glass. That gesture made him seem a bit more human than he had in the office when he was just perfection.

As soon as I opened the door, the spicy, delicious cologne that I smelled between his legs the day before struck me. For the first time in my life, the whiff of a scent made me a little wet. Mr. Richards immediacy finished the job.

Not much time, he said, I have an engagement soon. Well, now, actually, but I put them off for an hour. Do you have the rope?

Jeff nodded.


I started to reach for his hand and take him around the house, like I would any guest, but he shrugged me off.

No, apologies and all that, but Im not interested. I came here for one thing. You. Ive seen houses before. I hope that wasnt too forward?

Oh my God, Ive never met anyone so abrupt and straight forward. A little rude, sure, but... Its just so...

My thoughts were interrupted by our guest speaking again.

Alright, he cast his gaze at Jeff, I told you that you would be getting me ready to **** your wife. That you were going to get my **** hard so that I could do what you cant, or even worse, that she doesnt want you to. How does that feel, exactly? Im going to **** your wife, *** inside her, and youre going to raise my child.

My husbands *** was already stiff. This is exactly what he wanted., From Top 100 Erotica author Francis Ashe comes the most mind-blowingly huge value youll find in paranormal romance or erotica. Twenty one of the hottest alphas, the steamiest scenarios and the biggest, wildest mnages youve ever experienced. Each story will leave you satisfied but gasping for more!

And of course, every story from Francis Ashe always has a happy ending.

In this incredible bundle, youll find werewolf alphas, seductive vampires, rough minotaurs and half-human beastmen engaged in the most frantic, urgent, savage, emotional acts you can possibly imagine.

This collection of 150,000+ words of male-female erotic romance and 40,000+ words of male-male erotic romance is, in total, almost FIVE HUNDRED pages (193000+ words) of the most kindle-melting storytelling youll find anywhere. And you can have it all for less than the price of a medium pizza!

M/f stories:

Wolves Love Her Curves
Brutally Bred by the Minotaur
A Virgin for the Minotaur
Bred by the Beastmen
Mate to the Beastman
Slave of the Beastmen
Beastmens Breeding Mare
Claimed Before Dawn
Under a Breeding Moon
Bought by the Wolf King
The Wolfs Breeding Lair
Fang Fanged

M/m stories:

Jungle wolves
Vampire invasion: Jungle Wolves 2
Alphas revenge: Jungle Wolves 3
Vampires Boy Toy
Vampire Alley Surprise
Rescued by the Wolf
Learning to Howl
Becoming the Wolf
The Wolf Inside