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Flatpicking the Blues

Flatpicking the Blues - Read Online or Download Flatpicking the Blues by Brad Davis Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - In this new DVD/book/CD set Brad Davis teaches you how to add the blues to your flatpicking repertoire and how to introduce the blues feel to the flatpicking tunes you already know. In this comprehensive course you will learn the scales, rhythm styles, and chord progressions which define the blues, standard blues licks and phrases, and blues styles of players like Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Brad even demonstrates how to play Bill Monroes bluesy mandolin licks on the guitar. Elements of the blues can be found in all forms of American musicfrom bluegrass, to folk, to rock. On the DVD Brad demonstrates how to play several different arrangements of 12-bar blues rhythm and then shows you how to utilize the blues scales to improvise over the chord progression. This is done in a step-by-step easy to follow method through a variety of written examples in the book and opportunities for you to practice with the practice tracks on the audio CD. The audio CD also contains ear training lessons in the context of the blues! The goal of this book/DVD/CD set is not only to show you the elements of the blues, but to teach you how to be an improvisational player in the context of the blues so that you can jump into any blues jam and hold your own. Additionally, Brad teaches bluesy arrangements of a number of standard flatpicking fiddle tunes (Nine Pound Hammer, Lonesome Road Blues, Salt Creek, John Hardy). If you are tired of playing the same old deedle-deedle-deedle arrangements of fiddle tunes on the guitar, this course will help get you out of that rut! Duration: 81 minutes

Learn to play here acoustic flatpicking blues guitar. Lots of progressive lessons, riffs and full blues solos with free tablature and video tutorial., Flatpicking the Blues. What is in the Flatpicking the Blues course? This Book/DVD/CD based course was designed with two main purposes in mind: First, we wanted to ..., Free flatpicking guitar tabs bluegrass guitar tabs bluegrass flatpicking tabs lessons flatpicking licks flatpicking exercises flatpicking guitar scales flatpicking ..., Flatpicking Bluegrass Guitar Player Dan Geib provides free flatpicking tabs for flatpicking guitar lessons and bluegrass guitar lessons. Dan Gibe is a flatpicking ..., Guitar lesson with free tab, chords and video tutorial. Mo Better Blues by Branford Marsalis, flatpicking arrangement., The Walnut Valley Festival is held the third weekend of September every year. Bluegrass, folk, arts+crafts and more. Home to 8 premier instrumental contests and a ..., This edition features modern electric guitar transcriptions from the Baroque era. The first section features 17 short repeatable passages from Baroque literature., Thursday April 7, 1948, Al Jolson was voted most popular singer in America by Variety magazine and Columbia Records introduced the new 33 1/3 long- playing record album., Twenty Best Blues Albums If you were to own only 20 Blues albums, which would they be? Let us help you decide. Here is our list of the BEST BLUES RECORDS ever., Pete Madsen is a San Francisco Bay Areabased guitarist, author, and educator who specializes in acoustic blues, ragtime, and slide guitar. epub books 10622817 epub books