Nobody's Princess (Nobody's Princess, #1)

Nobody's Princess (Nobody's Princess, #1) Description:

She i is i beautiful she i is i a princess and Aphrodite i is i her favorite goddess but something in Helen of Sparta just itches for more out of life Not one to count on the gods or her looks to take care of her Helen sets out to get what she wants with steely determination and a sassy attitude That same attitude makes Helen a few enemies such as the self proclaimed son of Zeus Theseus but it also intrigues charms and amuses those who become her friends from the famed huntress Atalanta to the young priestess who is the Oracle of Delphi br br In i Nobody s Princess i author Esther Friesner deftly weaves together history and myth as she takes a new look at the girl who will become Helen of Troy The resulting story offers up adventure humor and a fresh and engaging heroine you cannot help but root for

Rating: 3.55 out of 5

Nobody's Prize (Nobody's Princess, #2)

Nobody's Prize (Nobody's Princess, #2) Description:

In this rousing sequel to Nobody s Princess young Helen of Sparta is not about to be left behind when her older brothers head off to join the quest for the Golden Fleece Accompanied by her friend Milo and disguised as a boy herself Helen sets out to join the crew of heroes aboard the massive ship known as The Argo br br Helen quickly faces all sorts of danger There are battles to be fought as well as an encounter with a terrifying murderous princess With her beauty blossoming Helen s journey takes her beyond the mythology of the Golden Fleece to Athens where her very future as Queen of Sparta is threatened

Rating: 3.46 out of 5

Sphinx's Princess (Sphinx's Princess, #1)

Sphinx's Princess (Sphinx's Princess, #1) Description:

Although she is a dutiful daughter Nefertiti s dancing abilities remarkable beauty and intelligence garner attention near and far so much so that her family is summoned to the Egyptian royal court where Nefertiti becomes a pawn in the power play of her scheming aunt Queen Tiye

Rating: 3.40 out of 5

Sphinx's Queen (Sphinx's Princess, #2)

Sphinx's Queen (Sphinx's Princess, #2) Description:

Ancient Egypt springs to life in this enthralling sequel to i Sphinx s Princess i As she did in i Nobody s Princess i and i Nobody s Prize i author Esther Friesner offers readers a fresh look at an iconic figure blending historical fiction and mythology in a heady concoction br br i Hunted i Overnight every aspect of Nefertiti s life has changed She is no longer living at the royal palace as the intended bride of the crown prince Instead she is being chased by the prince and his soldiers for a crime she did not commit br br i Hidden i Traveling with two of her dearest friends including the crown prince s brother who helped her escape Nefertiti takes shelter in the wild hills along the Nile s west bank She must rely on her own resourcefulness and skills all those secret archery lessons prove very useful as the fugitives fight to survive br br i Haunted i But the need for justice gnaws at Nefertiti She is determined to plead her case to the Pharaoh and set things right As she begins to question long held sacred beliefs a questioning that could alter the fabric of Egyptian society her extraordinary journey from commoner to royalty brings adventure intrigue and romance br br br i From the Hardcover edition i

Rating: 3.33 out of 5

Chicks in Chainmail (Chicks in Chainmail, #1)

Chicks in Chainmail (Chicks in Chainmail, #1) Description:

Hot blooded babes in brass bras and chain link bikinis have too long been held up to scorn You think their swords won t cut You think they look cute Those Chicks in Chainmail are out to get you br br Lady of Steel by Roger Zelazny br And Ladies of the Club by Elizabeth Moon br Exchange Program by Susan Shwartz br Goddess for a Day by Harry Turtledove br Armor Ella by Holly Lisle br Career Day by Margaret Ball br Armor Amore by David Vierling br The Stone of War and the Nightingale s Egg by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough br The Growling by Jody Lynn Nye br The New Britomart by eluki bes shahar br On the Road of Silver by Mark Bourne br Bra Melting by Janni Lee Simner br The Old Grind by Laura Frankos br The Way to a Man s Heart by Esther Friesner br Whoops by Nancy Springer br The Guardswoman by Lawrence Watt Evans br Teacher s Pet by Josepha Sherman br Were Wench by Jan Stirling br Blood Calls to Blood by Elisabeth Waters br Maureen Birnbaum in the MUD by George Alec Effinger

Rating: 3.54 out of 5

Deception's Princess (Deception's Princess, #1)

Deception's Princess (Deception's Princess, #1) Description:

i Some lies lead to true adventure br i br Maeve princess of Connacht was born with her fists clenched And it s her spirit and courage that make Maeve her father s favorite daughter But once he becomes the High King powerful men begin to circle it s easy to love the girl who brings her husband a kingdom br br Yet Maeve is more than a prize to be won and she s determined to win the right to decide her own fate In the court s deadly game of intrigue she uses her wits to keep her father s friends and enemies close but not too close When she strikes up an unlikely friendship with the son of a visiting druid Maeve faces a brutal decision between her loyalty to her family and to her own heart br br Award winning author Esther Friesner has a remarkable gift for combining exciting myth and richly researched history This fiery heroine s fight for independence in first century Ireland is truly worthy of a bard s tale Hand i Deception s Princess i to fans of Tamora Pierce Shannon Hale and Malinda Lo

Rating: 3.43 out of 5

Did You Say Chicks?! (Chicks in Chainmail, #2)

Did You Say Chicks?! (Chicks in Chainmail, #2) Description:

p A brief word from the characters We seem to have a failure to communicate here Hey it s okay with us that i Chicks in Chainmail i was so popular and reached Number on the i Locus i bestseller list and everybody wanted more please But people you need to take us sword swinging amazons a little more seriously After all you think it s a picnic wearing a cold brass brassiere let alone finding the right size You think it s a piece of cake keeping those chainmail accessories from rusting when it rains You think it s a walk in the park besieging a city when you ve got PMS Think again you wimpy noncombatants br p p Sure you re entitled to a laugh to two Hey we like a good joke as much as the next amazon But hard experience has taught us that swordswomen don t get no respect So while you re chuckling show some respect You can start by buying this book You were going to buy the book weren t you Pardon us a moment have to wash the blood stains off these swords before they set p

Rating: 3.48 out of 5

Spirit's Princess (Spirit's Princess, #1)

Spirit's Princess (Spirit's Princess, #1) Description:

Himiko the beloved daughter of a chieftain in third century Japan has always been special The day she was born there was a devastating earthquake and the tribe s shamaness had an amazing vision revealing the young girl s future one day this privileged child will be the spiritual and tribal leader over all of the tribes i Book One i revolves around the events of Himiko s early teen years her shaman lessons friendships contact with other tribes and journey to save her family after a series of tragic events Once again Esther Friesner masterfully weaves together history myth and mysticism in a tale of a princess whose path is far from traditional

Rating: 3.52 out of 5

The Chick is in the Mail (Chicks in Chainmail, #4)

The Chick is in the Mail (Chicks in Chainmail, #4) Description:

p From the silly to the simply smashing the Chicks in Chainmail are back to save us once again Whether defending a charity ball against rapscallion pirates or taking names at a medievalist tournament in the Asteroid Belt whether bringing a snooty loremaster to his rightful comeuppance or protecting our schoolchildren from magically summoned barbarian invaders whether weekending in the woods to get in touch with their Inner Warrior or showing giant reptiles that Tokyo s not going to take it anymore these female fighters will always have what it takes p

Rating: 3.41 out of 5

Chicks 'n Chained Males (Chicks in Chainmail, #3)

Chicks 'n Chained Males (Chicks in Chainmail, #3) Description:

A collection of post feminist fantasy featuring feisty female warriors with brass bras and broadswords and a beltful of good intentions These wild and wonderful women are here to protect their poor chained males from any number of fates worse than death

Rating: 3.26 out of 5