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Xperts: The Parashield

- The West-Australian Ryan finds out, as he grows up, that he can shield himself and other persons nearby, by creating through mental powers an impenetrable shield of energy. If not for his girlfriend Hannah who has some awesome 'parabilities' his enemies would eliminate him before the team of Marcus can intervene. This novel is written with a South-Western Australian background and the suspense and complexity increases as it unfolds."The Xperts series from Austria rides the Zeitgeist in delivering fiction that explores the consequences of taking seriously the potential of the human mind. First time author Samuel Osborne contributes his considerable talents as a storyteller to this series with 'Parashield'."Grant Stone, Faster Than Light - Australian weekly National Radio Show on SF & FHermann Maurer is an Austrian computer scientist, serving as Professor of Computer Science at the Graz University of Technology. He has supervised over 40 dissertations, written more than 20 books and over 600 scientific articles, and started or been involved with a number of companies. He thinks that future applications of computers can barely be described using today's terminology, and so employs metaphors such as telepathy and teleportation when discussing them.

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