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Forensic Neuropathology

- Over the past 30 years, as both forensic pathology and neuropathology have grown in sophistication, the two specialties have forged a heightened level of interaction. Reflecting the vast increase in knowledge and scientific progress in the past two decades, Forensic Neuropathology, Second Edition examines the new developments that have arisen since the publication of the first volume. New in this Edition: All chapters revised and updated Expanded information on biomechanics of neurotrauma Latest findings on child abuse, impact injuries to the head and spine, and intracranial pressure effects Greater focus on the effects of new Supreme Court rulings on the admissibility of evidence Nearly 300 high-quality color photographsThis updated text comprehensively reviews all aspects of neuropathology that may have forensic or medical-legal import. The book presents significant coverage of the role of the neuropathologist in a legal setting before delving into specific forensic aspects of neuropathology, including comprehensive discussions of various syndromes and conditions affecting adults and children. It discusses intracranial equilibria and physical injury to the nervous system and contains entire chapters devoted to neuropathology perspectives on child abuse, gunshot and other penetrating wounds of the nervous system, and the forensic aspects of complex neural functions. This timely revision maintains the breadth and depth of the benchmark first edition while replacing outdated information with the newest developments in these complex areas.Dr. Jan E. Leestma is a world-renowned forensic neuropathologist and is the author of more than a hundred professional publications. He has given expert testimony in more than thirty states, Canada, and the UK. This highly detailed work, which includes the contributions of experts in the fields of biomechanics, neurology, pathology, and the law, is sure to complement the growing literature in this fast-developing area.

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