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Return to Kabul: An Afghan American's Odyssey in Afghanistan

- It had been thirty years since Abdullah Sharif moved away from his childhood home in Afghanistan-and upon returning as an American citizen and diplomat, he barely recognized the country he left behind. The once-thriving society and culture was replaced by devastation and unrest. The land, which had experienced its golden age between the 1930s and 1970s, had succumbed to a massive downfall.It was then that Sharif began the first of two civilian deployments, dedicated to rebuilding peace and prosperity in the country where he had spent his first seventeen years. With a rare front-row view of the current issues facing Afghan citizens and deployed American civilians alike, he shared his valuable insights in the memoir "Sardar: From Afghanistan's Golden Age to Carnage."Now, in "Return to Kabul: An Afghan American's Odyssey in Afghanistan ," Sharif expands on the enlightening accounts of his time in Afghanistan, with information on the country's sociopolitical development and history, as well as glimpses of his family life and heritage. From carefree childhood memories to reflections on the current state of international affairs, this unique memoir crosses cultural boundaries with an unparalleled look at an Afghan-American's experiences in modern-day Afghanistan.

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