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Mid Ocean - Read Online or Download Mid Ocean by T. Rafael Cimino Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - The Sea Holds Many Secrets. Special Agent Joel Kenyon, just out of the U.S. Customs Academy, has been assigned to the badlands of drug enforcement, the Florida Keys. In a short time he must adjust himself to lifestyle of sandals, Jimmy Buffett and the quest for the perfect frozen drink. Set in 1984, Mid Ocean will take you to the Caribbean wild west. A place tourists never see, where, for centuries, fortunes have been won and lost along the treacherous reefs; a haven divers and fishermen during the day; a conduit for smugglers at night. With the lure of easy money and the temptations available to those in authority, the lines of right and wrong are often blurred, testing even the strongest moral compass in an atmosphere where navigating a bad course can be deadly. In the end, Joel will question everyone, including himself in his quest for what is right and what is true. Mid Ocean was inspired by real-life events.

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