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Uninhibited (Wanton Wives, #5)

Catherine Gayle - (Rating: 2 - 16 votes)

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Uninhibited (Wanton Wives, #5) WARNING: This erotic SHORT STORY contains graphic and explicit sex, and is suitable only for 18+.At Lord and Lady Quinton's now annual summer house party, sexually neglected and frustrated wives finally find their fulfillment.A child bride who hasn't seen her husband for ten years, Naomi Cunningham refuses to spend another day as the Countess of Holbrook, essentially locked away in her husband's Hampshire estate. She seeks him out at the Quintons' house party looking for one thing--an annulment. When Naomi arrives, Grey is livid. His ire only rises upon her preposterous request, not to mention his unfounded desire for the woman who was only a girl when last he saw her. But will she be satisfied with a divorce, or might something else satisfy her?

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