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The Laws of The Spirit World

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The Laws of The Spirit World In 1980, Rumi and Khorshed Bhavnagri lost their sons Vispi and Ratoo in a car accident. Within a month and through a chain of people, they received a message that their sons wanted to communicate with them and they spoke to the boys through a medium, and were assured of their well-being. They had reached the Spirit World immediately and had been welcomed by their beloved grandfather, Popsie. The boys asked their parents to develop powers of concentration, so they could communicate safely and privately together through the method of automatic writing. In this way Vispi and Ratoo were able to advise and guide their parents constantly and give them their mission on Earth - to comfort and help people in need, to spread spiritual knowledge and how to stay on the Godly Good Path always. The book - "The Laws of the Spirit World" - was communicated by Vispi and Ratoo through the technique of telepathy to their mother and simultaneously reduced into writing by her. Topics from the book and other messages are contained in the VRRP Spiritual Learning Newsletters. In 2007 Khorshed Bhavnagri joined her family in the Spirit World, but her work is being continued by the VRRP Group. The Bhavnagri s story in detail is in the book.

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