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Amnesia (Amnesia Duet, #1)

Cambria Hebert - (Rating: 4.03 - 345 votes)

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Amnesia (Amnesia Duet, #1) I washed ashore in a little lake town. A place where everyone knows everyone, yetNo one knows me.I dont know me.If a woman doesnt know her own name, does she really exist?I dont know my natural hair color, my birthdate, or where I live.I am invisible.To everyone, to everything, even to myself.Except to him. I see the recognition deep in his stare, the way it lingers on my face as if Im a puzzle hes desperate to put together.I just want answers, the truth knowledge. His lips are sealed. Still, his eyes beguile me.I cant trust anyone, not even myself. Someone wants me dead, the same someone who tried to bury me in a watery grave. Theyll come for me again I wont know their face.I dont even know mine.I am amnesia.

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