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James Dwyer - (Rating: 2 - 11 votes)

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Twelve Weapons In the first Season of Birth, life was created without death and twelve immortals were born. They were the Weapons, and when the Seasons turned, from Birth to Growth, from Decay to Death, the world died and the Weapons remained.In the second Season of Birth, the world was reborn and blessed with mortal life who worshipped the Weapons as gods, crafting the world to their glory. Each new Cycle saw more life born and reborn only to become subject to the Weapons will, only to be given a hopeless life under a Weapons rule. Hopeless, until one day a Human named Adelis uncovers the way to kill them.Adelis is a mother who loves her son. Raised to value strength above all else, she raises her son, Ruke, to be strong enough to withstand the world. Adelis believes the meaning of life is to give your life meaning, and if she can kill just one immortal, it would give meaning to all.Ruke is a son who seeks desperate freedom from his maniac of a mother. Together with Grina drunken hound who is made more from wine and steel than Meathe will struggle to survive in a world filled with peril, made all the worse by a mother who goes actively searching for more.And Caze, the most feared of all the Weapons, is a winged demon responsible for the deaths of billions. Tired of eternity, he yearns for a life of purpose and worth, and he believes he finds this worth when he uncovers the plans of the First Weapon to destroy all life. Caze sets out to stop this, to do something of meaning for once, and he will not fail.After all, what could possibly stop an immortal Weapon?

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