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Key Out of Time (Time Traders / Ross Murdock #4) (Rating: 3.82 - 789 votes)

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Title:Key Out of Time (Time Traders / Ross Murdock #4)
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
(Rating: 3.82 - 789 votes)
ISBN 13:9780809501687
Number of Pages:144 pages
Category:science fiction

Andre Norton Key Out of Time (Time Traders / Ross Murdock #4)

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Key Out of Time (Time Traders / Ross Murdock #4) Key Out of Time -- the fourth book in the Time Traders series, following The Time Traders, Galactic Derelict, and The Defiant Agents -- again features Ross Murdock as the hero. Accompanying a group of settlers to the now-empty water-planet Hawaika, he is sent back in time through a Time Gate . . . and must learn to survive ten thousand years in the past!

Star Soldiers (Central Control, #1-2), The Beast Master (Beast Master / Hosteen Storm, #1), Web of the Witch World (Witch World Series 1: Estcarp Cycle, #2), Catseye, Star Man's Son, 2250 A.D, The Time Traders (Time Traders/ Ross Murdock, #1), Elvenblood (Halfblood Chronicles, #2), Witch World (Witch World Series 1: Estcarp Cycle, #1), The Elvenbane (Halfblood Chronicles, #1), Elvenborn (Halfblood Chronicles, #3)
In this long-awaited new novel in The Halfblood Chronicles, fantasy greats Norton and Lackey tell the enthralling story of the reclusive elvenlord Kyrtian, who emerges as a hero in a world torn by politics and war. When his cousin, Aelmarkin, tries to prove that Kyrtian is unfit to run his estate, the plan backfires, and soon Kyrtian, who doesn't share the venal, greedy nature of his cousin, finds himself with more power than he ever wanted.

Like his father before him, Kyrtian has always treated the humans on his estate like servants, instead of enslaving them as other elvenlords do. His father's legacy also leads Kyrtian to learn ancient military skills long since lost to elvenkind through the carelessness of the elvenlords. Kyrtian's rediscovered knowledge piques the interest of the current elvenlords, and soon Kyrtian finds himself appointed the new commander of the army, to the relief of his ruling peers.

For the sons of the most powerful elvenlords, the Young Lords, have rebelled against their fathers and are waging war. But by taking advantage of both the privileges of his new command and the help of some unexpected new friends, Kyrtian finally gains the resources to embark on his own, personal quest--resuming his father's search for the Great Portal, the magical doorway through which the original elvenlords entered this world.

As war rages between some sons and fathers, Kyrtian searches desperately for his own lost father, hoping to uncover not only the mystery of his disappearance, but also the secret behind the origin of elvenkind., Star Guard 1953. Dominant aliens allow humans to the stars only as mercenaries. Swordsman Kana and his comrades, betrayed by Central Command, march across hostile planet Fronn.
Star Rangers 1953, The Last Planet 1955. 4K years later, telepath Kartr and Patrollers crash on a beautiful unknown yet familiar world and seek the source of a beacon to safety., DRAFTED INTO THE ARMY OF TIME

Intelligence agents have uncovered something which seems beyond belief, but the evidence is incontrovertible: the USAs greatest adversary on the world stage is sending its agents back through time! And someone or something unknown to our history is presenting them with technologies -- and weapons -- far beyond our most advanced science. We have only one option: create time-transfer technology ourselves, find the opposition's ancient source...and take it dawn.

When small-time criminal Ross Murdock and Apache rancher Travis Fox stumble separately onto America's secret time travel project, Operation Retrograde, they are faced with a challenge greater than either could have imagined possible. Their mere presence means that they know too much to go free. But Murdock and Fox have a thirst for adventure, and Operation Retrograde offers that in spades.

Both men will become time agents, finding reserves of inner heroism they had never expected. Their journeys will take the battle to the enemy, from ancient Britain to prehistoric America, and finally to the farthest reaches of interstellar space...

, Two masters of epic fantasy have combined in this brilliant collaboration to create a rousing tale of the sort that becomes an instant favorite. This is the story of Shana, a halfbreed born of the forbidden union of an Elvenlord father and a human mother. Her exiled mother dead, she was rescued and raised by dragons, a proud, ancient race who existed unbeknownst to elven or humankind. From birth, Shana was the embodiment of the Prophecy that the all-powerful Elvenlords feared. Her destiny is the enthralling adventure of a lifetime.