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Get Married... Stay Married: Keys to Building and Keep Your Marriage

- There was a time when getting married means staying married. A time when a man and a woman entered into marital relationship with the decision to honor their vows and stay true to each other no matter what comes their way. Indeed marriage was for better and for worse for couples at that time and only death can separate them. It was indeed a time when marriage was perceived as an unbreakable covenant. It is pathetic that in these days, the reverse is the case when it comes to marriage. Marriage has been redefined and its purpose have been abused. No longer do people who get married have the decision and determination to stay married. The marriage vows no longer mean anything to the couples, it has indeed become a marriage that will last as long as things are better and sweet. Nevertheless, no matter what change has occurred in the way men sees marriage, the standard of God and His purpose for marriage can never change. Marriage is to be a heaven on earth and it is to be a union between a man and a woman, at every season, every circumstances and every situation till death comes. Therefore, this book is for those who have decided not just to get married but also to stay married!

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