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Title:Relaxation En Rmn Des Ions Sodium
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ISBN 13:9783841620927
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Mihaela Lupu Relaxation En Rmn Des Ions Sodium

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Relaxation En Rmn Des Ions Sodium Les propriA(c)tA(c)s de relaxation quadrupolaires des ions sodium ont A(c)tA(c) mises A profit pour caractA(c)riser les systA]mes biologiques. Ces propriA(c)tA(c)s de relaxation ont A(c)tA(c) obtenues directement par la relaxation transversale des transitions A simple quantum et aprA]s sA(c)lection par l'intermA(c)diaire des transitions A trois quantum. Une mA(c)thode originale (la dA(c)composition en valeur singuliA]re des dA(c)clins de relaxation) a permis l'extraction fiable des paramA]tres de relaxation simple quantum. Cette mA(c)thode, trA]s stable, procure en outre un paramA]tre de relaxation nouveau (les valeurs singuliA]res) caractA(c)risant objectivement l'A(c)tat du systA]me en cours d'A(c)tude.

Les approches plurielles dans lducation aux langues: lintercomprhension, en prsence et en ligne, NMR Probeheads for Biophysical and Biomedical Experiments: Theoretical Principles and Practical Guidelines, Relaxation En Rmn Des Ions Sodium, NMR Probeheads for Biophysical and Biomedical Experiments:Theoretical Principles and Practical Guidelines, NMR Probeheads for Biophysical and Biomedical Experiments: Theoretical Principles and Practical Guidelines (2nd Edition)
-, "NMR Probeheads for Biophysical and Biomedical Experiments 2nd Edition" is essential reading for anyone in the field of NMR or MRI, from students to medical or biological scientists performing experiments under certain physical and/or geometrical conditions, unattainable by conventional or available probes. The material guides the reader through the most basic and comprehensive stages in accomplishing a correct probe design, from a very basic oscillating circuit to much more elaborate designs.

This new edition has been revised and updated to include a chapter dedicated to RF components, which are commonly used for probes realization and their frequency-dependent characteristics. Another completely revised chapter concerns the multiple coil systems and discusses arrays coils, different decoupling methods, and some principles for interfacing coils with low-noise preamplifiers. The principles of linear circuit analysis are presented in a dedicated chapter. Last but not least, accompanying files containing updated software for probe design have been made available from the publisher's website.

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Contents: IntroductionRadio Frequency ComponentsIntroduction to Linear Network AnalysisInterfacing the NMR ProbeheadQuadrature DrivingMultiple Frequency TuningMagnetic Field Amplitude EstimationHomogeneous ResonatorsHeterogeneous ResonatorsProbe Evaluation and Debugging
Readership: Bioengineers, biomedical researchers and non-experts in RF technology willing to acquire basic knowledge on RF sensors design; inquisitive user of an NMR spectrometer could be interested in some knowing-how about this black box.
Key Features: A unique standalone document that describes in full the design and properties of NMR probeheadsEntirely dedicated to the RF probes, with detailed calculations and practical illustrationsConsiders in greater details some topics partially addressed in the first edition, including parallel imaging and the distribution of electric fieldsAccompanied by improved versions of the software that was already present in the first edition, Volumul, editat n limba francez, reunete principalele intervenii din cadrul colocviului Approches plurielles et intercomprhension, care a avut loc la Iai, n iunie 2015, organizat fiind de Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza, consoriul Miriadi i CELV Graz. Interveniile au abordat, din perspectiva documentelor de politic lingvistic produse de Consiliul Europei, patru direcii ale didacticii plurilingvismului: lEveil aux langues, pedagogia interculturalitii, didactica integrat i intercomprehensiunea, cu un accent particular pe aceasta din urm.

Din cuprins: Politiques linguistiques et approches plurielles (confrences de Christian Tremblay, prsident OEP; Gaid Evenou, DGLFLF; Michel Candelier, expert CELV); De lintercomprhension (textes de Sandra Garbrino, coordinatrice du projet europen Miriadi; Maddalena di Carlo, coordinatrice du lot Rfrentiel); Intercomprhesion et enseignement des langues (12 textes des communications), Includes subjects such as: the principles of operation of NMR probes, guidelines for choosing a specific configuration, as well as the electrical and mechanical details.