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D.T. Conklin - (Rating: 2 - 14 votes)

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Eulogy Evolved Publishing presents the Epic Fantasy, Eulogy:'Theyll stand amongst the corpses of the beloved.' That's what he said at the end, though I never considered myself one of the beloved, not at the beginning. I was simply a terrified woman then, but now... now I understand. Maybe I wish I didn't.Void take me, this is so demon-damned hard.In the beginning, he loved me. Irony, it twists and twirls like a lover's song, but this is hardly a lover's tale. It's one of blades and blood. I wish I could've seen it sooner, but that would've been too easy. I wouldn't have learned to love him.------------"Conklin writes with a poets flair, using minimal words to deliver maximum dramatic impact. Visceral, shocking, and deeply imaginative, Eulogy pushes to the edge . . . and then dives right over it. An unapologetic, no-holds-barred descent into madnessyet there is method in it. Readers with the fortitude to take the plunge stand to be rewarded with what may go down as one of the most ambitious, redefining forays into epic fantasy of all time." Eldon Thompson, author of The Divine Talisman"Some epic fantasies are straightforward tales of magic and adventure, where a band of heroes fights and defeats an evil overlord. "Eulogy" is not such a tale. Conklin's book overflows with magic and adventure, but the book is a puzzle -- a maze of secrets and wonders, implications and hidden meanings. A treat for readers who love a challenge!"-- Tom Crosshill, Nebula nominated autho

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