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Where Madness Roosts

Where Madness Roosts - Read Online or Download Where Madness Roosts by Darrell Drake Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - Almi and Merill have lost everything. Now, they live only for vengeance.What should have been a routine diplomatic meeting has gone terribly awry. Their beloved king is found dead, murdered by one of the seven in attendance. Swearing revenge, Almi and Merill scoff at the idea of a whodunit.Everyone is guilty.Everyone will suffer.Everyone will die.Join the sisters in a world warped by the heedless onset of madness. Follow as reality gives way to the weight of their despair, and they struggle to survive long enough to exact retribution....Where Madness Roosts is a stand-alone novella (29,000 words) in The Flameforged Saga fantasy setting that takes place well over a decade before the first book. Also includes "The Scratching", a short story about one of Descarta and Hafstagg's many encounters on their five year journey together. ...A side story in a sometimes-flippant, sometimes-grim sword & sorcery series that challenges morality and the boundaries of love. Follow a cast of eccentric, complex charactersfrom elves with severe personality disorders to a caretaker of time and spaceas they brave worlds and leave lasting changes in their wake.

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