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In Debt to the King (Shifter Fight League, #1)

In Debt to the King (Shifter Fight League, #1) - Read Online or Download In Debt to the King (Shifter Fight League, #1) by Mina Carter Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - Hard as nails fight club manager Zara cares about two things in life: her club and her brother.The problem is, technically the club belongs to her asshat of a father. Who is missing, along with last quarters takings...and the money the club owes to Reese, the guy who controls all the shifter fight clubs in the city. Hes a dangerous man and now Zara owes him money. A lot of money. The sort of money that would normally get her and her brother taken outside the city limits and buried in a shallow grave. But Logan Reese isnt the monster he should be. Hes as hot as hades, and way too intelligent by half.Logan Reese cant abide thieves, so when one of his club managers runs off with money that belongs to him, hes all for breaking bones and asking questions later. Until he sees her. Zara Hunter is a delectably curvy little bundle, strength and delicate femininity wrapped up in one irresistible package. Logan is anything but a saint, and he has a few ideas about how she can pay off her debt to him....Fair warning: This is a raunchy little shortie that contains one hot as hell werelion using any excuse to get his hands on the sexy, curvy woman he wants. It does not end in a HEA (at the moment) but does have hot sex (on a desk).

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