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Title:A Dwarf Kingdom
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(Rating: 2 - 2 votes)
ISBN 13:9780751518672
Number of Pages:224 pages

Nicolas Freeling A Dwarf Kingdom

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC A Dwarf Kingdom The last Henri Castang mystery. Henri and his family decide to move to Biarritz after a violent attack. They meet an ailing ex-colleague of Henri's and following his death, move into his cliff-side house. But the house has a legacy of conspiracy and corruption, which ensnares the family.

The Kitchen and the Cook, Double-Barrel, Love in Amsterdam, The King of the Rainy Country, Tsing Boum, Because of the Cats, Gun Before Butter, Arlette, Auprs de ma blonde, Criminal Conversation
Alluring, unstable, and frantically self-absorbed, Elsa de Charmoy was a dangerous woman, and now she's a dead one, shot with a gun bought by her former lover. Sulking in an Amsterdam jail, he swears it's been years since he saw Elsa, but Inspector Van der Valk isn't quite ready to be persuaded. Like Inspector Maigret (to whom he is often compared), Van der Valk tends to pick apart the details, ideally over a good meal. And while Van der Valk's ruminations may frustrate his more action-minded colleagues, they inevitably yield a surprising resolution., The famous detective Piet Van der Valk has been kicked upstairs to a quiet desk job to work out his days until retirement. But he is still the maverick of the Amsterdam police force and too restless for paper work alone. A seemingly minor incident -- a young man concerned about a gold antique watch -- sets him off on a personal investigation that also involves his engaging French wife, Arlette. It is she who embarks on a quest that leads through the rarified world of art and antique dealers to a squalid sex shop -- "The Golden Apples of the Hesperides" -- as she scours Amsterdam for a nameless, faceless killer., Van der Valk is on the case again as a mysterious letter is unearthed alluding to the murder of a man named Cabestan. In the letter, the murderer is named but van der Valk must find out first who this mysterious letter-writer is. What transpires is a tale of deception and adultery as the rich Carl Merckel, the managing director of the Lutz Brothers merchant bank, lays an accusation of cold blooded homicide of which, he claims, his wife had no part to play.A true master of popular crime fiction and creator of the ever-popular Inspector van der Valk and Henri Castang, Nicolas Freeling has written more than thirty books and has an innate empathy with France and its culture. Born in London in 1927, Freeling has lived much of his life in Europe, notably the Vosges hills and Strasbourg. An astute, gritty writer of European flavour, his novels reflect all that is great about crime fiction., -