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Title:Maigret and the Toy Village
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
(Rating: 2 - 4 votes)
ISBN 13:9780156551540
Number of Pages:139 pages

Georges Simenon Maigret and the Toy Village

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Maigret and the Toy Village Peg Leg Lapie, a crusty old sailor, is found mysteriously murdered in a most incongruous setting: a picturesque cottage near Paris, where he lived attended only by his young housekeeper, Felicie. But Lapie was not alone Maigret, chief inspector of the Paris police, is sure of it. A man at work in his garden, wearing clogs and a straw hat, does not suddenly drop his tools to go indoors and fetch a bottle of brandy to drink alone in the summerhouse. There must have been another glass that someone removed. But Flicie, in her red hat trimmed with an iridescent feather, proves a champion adversary, as skilled in innuendo and evasion as Maigret is in deduction.

Red Lights, The Man Who Watched Trains Go By, Maigret Sets a Trap (Maigret, #48), Pietr the Latvian (Maigret, #1), The Train, Maigret and the Madwoman, The Strangers in the House, Dirty Snow, Three Bedrooms in Manhattan, The Yellow Dog (Maigret #6)
It is Friday evening before Labor Day weekend. Americans are hitting the highways in droves; the radio crackles with warnings of traffic jams and crashed cars. Steve Hogan and his wife, Nancy, have a long drive aheadfrom New York City to Maine, where their children are in camp. But Steve wants a drink before they go, and on the road he wants another. Soon, exploding with suppressed fury, he is heading into that dark place in himself he calls the tunnel. When Steve stops for yet another drink, Nancy has had enough. She leaves the car.

On a bender now, Steve makes a friend: Sid Halligan, an escapee from Sing Sing. Steve tells Sid all about Nancy. Most men are scared, Steve thinks, but not Sid.

The next day, Steve wakes up on the side of the road. His car has a flat, his money is gone, and theres one more thing still left for him to learn about Nancy, Sid Halligan, and himself., Commissaris Maigret wordt op straat aangesproken door een oude dame die hem vraagt eens bij haar thuis te komen omdat er in haar spulletjes gesnuffeld wordt, maar voordat hij naar haar toe kan gaan wordt zij vermoord., It is a hot and steamy summer, and Maigret is hatching a plan to capture a serial murderer by playing on the killer's perverse vanity. He finally succeeds when an important clue leads him to a trio of suspects. But the three are entangled in a web of guilt and possessiveness so tight that the unraveling nearly exhausts the Inspector--until, at last, he discovers the tortured motives behind the murders.

Maigret is a registered trademark of the Estate of Georges Simenon.
, A brilliant new translation of one of Simenon's best loved masterpieces.

'A certain furtive, almost shameful emotion ... disturbed him whenever he saw a train go by, a night train especially, its blinds drawn down on the mystery of its passengers'

Kees Popinga is a respectable Dutch citizen and family man. Then he discovers that his boss has bankrupted the shipping firm he works for - and something snaps. Kees used to watch the trains go by to exciting destinations. Now, on some dark impulse, he boards one at random, and begins a new life of recklessness and violence. This chilling portrayal of a man who breaks from society and goes on the run asks who we are, and what we are capable of.

'Classic Simenon ... extraordinary in its evocative power' Independent

'What emerges is the bare human animal' John Gray

'Read him at your peril, avoid him at your loss' Sunday Times