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Sales Training - Read Online or Download Sales Training by Darin George Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - Long gone are the days of the plaid-clad, gold chained, cheesy car salesperson who greets you as if they have been your best buddy for years. Gone are the days of the sell them and forget them attitudes. Gone are the days of the fast talking, slicked haired high pressure closers. These stereotypes have plagued the automotive sales industry since the early 80's. A vehicle purchase is one of the biggest decisions we all make in our lives. In order to change these images, the Automotive Sales College was established in 1996. Selling cars before 1980 was easy. There was not much competition in North America in those days. People use to line up at there local dealer. If the customer did not have the money, they were kicked you out of the showroom. That's what you call supply and demand. Times have changed. We see it everyday on TV and in the newspapers. How sales people communicate with customers purchasing a new vehicle today has to be done by professionally training sales people. Education and Training is critical for Anyone entering the Auto Sales Profession. There's Only One Thing Worse than a Well Trained Sales Person that Quits, That's an Untrained One that Stays. Follow this Book and You Will become Successful in Any Sales Career. To Contact the Automotive Sales College International, go to:

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