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An Uncertain Glory: India and Its Contradictions

An Uncertain Glory: India and Its Contradictions - Read Online or Download An Uncertain Glory: India and Its Contradictions by Jean Drèze Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - From two of India's leading economists, Jean Drze (Hunger and Public Action) and Nobel Prize-winner Amartya Sen (The Idea of Justice), An Uncertain Glory is a passionate, considered argument for the need for a greater understanding of inequalities in India, despite economic development.An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions is an enlightening book that tells its readers all about India, before she gained independence and after she broke away from colonial suppression. After India gained independence in the year 1947, she decided to adopt a political system that was democratic in nature and involved the existence of several political parties and many political rights. The end of the colonial era saw the disappearance of the continual famines that were striking India. Instead of stagnation, India began to witness growth in her economy, making her eventually rank at number two in the list of fastest growing economies in the world. Even now, though India's economy has dipped slightly, it still has one of the highest growths in the world. An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions is a book that has the opinions of two of India's leading economists, Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen, who highlight the major problems that the country faces at present. These two experts stress on the need to have sound knowledge concerning the deprivations of humans in India.

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