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Dark Dreams the Beginning

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Dark Dreams the Beginning Have you ever engaged eyes with someone, and their eyes were dead dull and exhibiting nothing? Have you ever engaged eyes with someone and their eyes sparkled so brightly that they drew you in as compared to being hypnotized? Have you ever had someone walk up to you, call you by a different name, and you didn't know them? Have you ever seen someone out of your peripheral vision staring, observing, and imitating your actions? This book is based on fact, made into science fiction protecting innocent people involved with government "cover-up" projects. cross-matching blood has recently become a difficult procedure as many new and different blood types are are being introduced. The government's denial of crashed UFO's with aliens aboard and their assistance with our high technology programs will continue to remain as such, as well as their agreement, in exchange to breed hybrids. Many believe in all government cover-ups, and continue to seek out the real truths. These truth seekers know........THEY DO LIVE AMONG US!

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