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The Dark Lodge

Michael Anthony - (Rating: 2 - 0 votes)

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The Dark Lodge The bears are not the only things that are killing women at this majestic lodge on a Montana Indian Reservation. People from all over come here to work for the summer months. They think that this is going to be a fun place to work and see the sights. However, they soon find out that the owner of this resort and his henchmen use these girls for their own pleasure. Sex, drugs and even murder are just some of the games that go on in this beautiful place.Sara, Matt and a small group of girls take things into their own hands when they find two of their friends are missing. With an active FBI investigation that baffles their best agents, the group of friends makes their own plans and start looking for the truth. These girls feel that this is their only means to help each other stay alive. Playing detective, the girls look for evidence to prove that Jack Cummings is the man behind these terrible crimes. However, one by one they begin to disappea

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