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Bite the Neck That Loves You

J. Morgan - (Rating: 2 - 1 votes)

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Bite the Neck That Loves You Sent on an easy mission to find a lost Vampire, Franki thought she'd spend a few days on the west coast and be back on the front lines in no time. Too bad Alex Coursiane, the guy she's been hunting, just made her one of the undead. Instead of getting to stake him through the uprights, she's forced to go on a quest to find something called the Tome of Alabaster with the bloodsucker. On the run with the Fallen's right behind them, they discover the Queen Bee Vampire is trying to find the portal that the Ancients used to cross over into our world. Who cares that it has been closed for eons? She plans to open it and unleash Armageddon. For Franki and Alex, staying alive is the easy part. Falling in love just might be the thing that saves their souls.

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