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What You Can't Live Without

- Sometimes, the path to your future lies beyond the door to the past.For Hanna Roberts, that door was the front door of a small town diner.He was the right guy at the right moment. He walked in the diner, saved her life, and left almost as fast he blew into town.Driving through the corn fields of Iowa, Hanna cant shake him from her memory. And those mesmerizing, beautiful eyes! The man at the diner may have been a stranger, but she knew she had seen those eyes before.By more than coincidence, Hanna finds herself in the presence of the stranger with the gorgeous eyes once again. And with the help of some old letters and a photograph, she learns he isnt as much of a stranger as she previously thought.Soon, Hanna finds herself falling for him. Theres more to him than just beautiful eyes. Hes handsome, full of boyish charm, and has a way of making her feel normal while everything else in her life seems to be falling apart.But when tragedy strikes, Hanna finds herself fighting to hold onto the man of her dreams.Falling in love was easy, but holding on to what she cant live without may be the hardest thing shes ever done.

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