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Love Fusion Romance Bundle No.5

Love Fusion Romance Bundle No.5 - Read Online or Download Love Fusion Romance Bundle No.5 by P.N. Books Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - Get FOUR mixed hot steamy short stories with a collection 10 bonus stories inside! When Gods Die Wizard Billionaire Romance Paris in the Spring. Could there be any other words so simple that evoke such feelings of serenity, desire and perhaps even longing? For the wizard Frederica Ramona-Lynda Delarosa, springtime in Paris was always nothing short of a beloved pilgrimage. Idling on the Champs de Mars she would let the warm sunshine, the scent of lilacs and the laughter of children sooth away her troubles and cares. Until the year that Spring didnt come. And so at the behest of her uncle, she and her sister Erica commandeer the young billionaire Scott Winsteds yacht, and sail the southern seas on a quest to return a sacred jewel stolen from Persephone, in the hope to mollify the Goddess of Spring. In this light-hearted fantasy Frederica encounters a witchs deception, intrigue, the chance of love, and the North Korean Navy. But in the end she and her companions learn the sad and hopeful truth of what might happen when gods die. Gem is Mine but Heart is Yours Urban African American Romance Ryan Mellow is on a mission to make his relationship with his father a better one. Recently out of prison for robbery with violence, Ryan has decided to live a normal life, one away from his fathers jewelry smuggling empire. He, however, has a very bad relationship with his father and so a call from his father asking him to pull off one last job so that he could be considered a part of the family again, sends him to the small seaside town of Fishbay. When he gets there, the owner of the store turns out to be a hot young dark skinned woman with whom he falls in love with instantly. Lindsey's Parkers first impression when she sees Ryan standing on the street, stalking her shop was that he is a thug of sorts. When he storms into her store, she is immediately blown by his beauty despite the fact that he is not her type at all. He is thuggishly sexy and turns out to be the best lover she has ever had. Wolfesss Desire -Werewolf Romance Sarah was kept in a cage almost her entire life as a bid sale in the sex slave industry. Fortunately, she wasnt raped, beaten or abused any more than just being ignored, and even then there was always one person who came to see her in that dank, cold prison. Her only friend, Mikael, was her lifeline for three years until he suddenly stops, disappearing from her life completely. Now Sarah is twenty-two years old, freed from her cage and learning about the world shed been deprived of when Mikael reappears as abruptly as he left. The past twelve years theyd spent apart span only the time it took to blink, and all she cares about is being with him. Despite his abandoning her, leaving her in that hellish place only to pop back up, her trust in him is absolute. Quarterback Dances BWWM Football and Werebear Romance Rosalina Parks is a great dancer; some would even say an amazing dancer. However, for the past five months shes been stuck in a dead end relationship and hesitant to get out of it. Awkward social situations just arent her forte. When her friend comes to her with proof that her boyfriend is cheating on her, all bets are off. Enter Owen Marshal, a star football quarterback slash bear shifter in a serious rut. His team barely made it to the Superbowl and it was mostly his fault.

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