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Bad Wine, Crappy Chocolate

Bad Wine, Crappy Chocolate - Read Online or Download Bad Wine, Crappy Chocolate by J E Hall Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - For Cori Fitzgerald, a young woman living in the year 2045, the future is now. Her co-worker Brandon Cane has taken Cori to a place ripe with political intrigue. The United States has been transformed into the Seven Sovereign Territories. Years of having a government that could not address the nation's problems compelled the electorate to insist on radical change. Each territory is run by an elected official with the title of senator. The territorial population has been consolidated into seven large cities. The people have adopted a healthy life style, which increases their life span. There is also Vitala, a drug that uses genetic engineering to eliminate disease and retard aging. Living well past the age of 120 is now commonplace. Brandon's sister Cybil has been elected senator. She intends to nationalize Allesours, the company that makes Vitala. Daniel Foster, the company's chairman of the board, will use any means to stop her. This results in some provocative confrontations. Cori becomes the focal point of Foster's efforts to stop Cybil. Bad Wine, Crappy Chocolate presents the reader with a future that is shaped by the issues of our time. The characters face many dilemmas, and find themselves in circumstances they could not have anticipated. The conclusion of this story is like the 2120 world it depicts: unexpected.

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