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Claimed by the Billionaire

- Ambitious, beautiful and self-reliant IP lawyer Caroline Simms works hard toward her goals. If she can make partner by 30, she will earn enough to secure her independence. She never wants to fall in love or become dependent on a man!Marco Dragoni is the city's richest man, a strikingly handsome billionaire who owns the building Caroline works in. A steamy chance encounter with the feisty young lawyer ignites a deep primal desire within him. He wants her like no other! She resists his advances, but Marco Dragoni is determined to claim her as his own. And he's got the money and means to do so!Suddenly, Caroline finds herself seconded to work on a top-secret project at Marco's private country estate. She is overwhelmed by her body's treacherous response to this intense, erotic and commanding man. She wants to run, but her ambition compels her to stay until the project is completed.Although Marco respects Caroline's work, he makes no secret of his desire for her. He wants her naked, in his bed, submitting to his will! And secretly, the thought of Marco dominating her body makes her hotter than she's ever been before!While Marco threatens Caroline's virginal resolve, other forces at the Dragoni Estate threaten Caroline's safety and the completion of the project.Will Caroline give her body, and her heart, to this dangerously seductive man? Or will it be too late?

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