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Care Creating a Respectful Environment Each school day the Alfred Elementary students, teachers and staff begin by gathering in the gym for a five minute CARE Time (creating a respectful environment). This brief and powerful ritual has proven to connect the school as a community through daily announcements, team building, visitor greeting, recognition and honoring their country. The Anti Bullying Committee and staff carefully crafted a program so simple yet extremely effective in the social development of the students and their climate. By adding this method to their school environment, Alfred Elementary has decreased behavioral problems and created a strong, positive and flourishing culture. Do you CARE? Research shows that bullying and teasing create a fear and concern for safety that impedes a childs growth intellectually and socially. By setting the groundwork and building strong connections, families, communities and schools have a powerful foundation for ridding unacceptable behaviors such as bullying from the environment while teaching honesty, community, kindness, integrity and respect. From their own expression, Care time is unfolded by the talents and commitment of these student authors and illustrators in a book that proves it only takes a minute to positively change the lives of our children forever. CARE was created by the students, this is their story....... Deb Landry, Parenting Coach & Childrens Author of Sticks Stones and Stumped and Yankee Go Home

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