A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time, #7) books by Robert Jordan

A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time, #7) (Rating: 3.99 - 80291 votes)

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Title:A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time, #7)
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
(Rating: 3.99 - 80291 votes)
ISBN 13:9780812550283
Number of Pages:880 pages

Robert Jordan A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time, #7)

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time, #7) Elayne, Aviendha i Mat znajduj si coraz bliej Czary Wiatrw, ter'angrealu, ktry moe powstrzyma nie majc koca fal niemiosiernego upau i przywrci normaln pogod.Egwene walczy o swj autorytet wrd Aes Sedai i szuka sojusznikw.Rand przygotowuje si do wyprawy na Illian, nadal walczc z obdem oraz tymi, ktrzy przedkadaj wasne korzyci ponad losy wiata.

The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time, #1), A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time, #7), The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time, #2), The Fires of Heaven (Wheel of Time, #5), Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time, #13), A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time, #14), The Shadow Rising (Wheel of Time, #4), The Dragon Reborn (Wheel of Time, #3), Lord of Chaos (Wheel of Time, #6), The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time, #12)
The seals of Shayol Ghul are weak now, and the Dark One reaches out. The Shadow is rising to cover humankind.

In Tar Valon, Min sees portents of hideous doom. Will the White Tower itself be broken?

In the Two Rivers, the Whitecloaks ride in pursuit of a man with golden eyes, and in pursuit of the Dragon Reborn.

In Cantorin, among the Sea Folk, High Lady Suroth plans the return of the Seanchan armies to the mainland.

In the Stone of Tear, the Lord Dragon considers his next move. It will be something no one expects, not the Black Ajah, not Tairen nobles, not Aes Sedai, not Egwene or Elayne or Nynaeve.

Against the Shadow rising stands the Dragon Reborn....., The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and go, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth returns again. In the Third Age, an Age of Prophecy, the World and Time themselves hang in the balance. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow., The end draws near....

The Last Battle has started. The seals on the Dark Ones prison are crumbling. The Pattern itself is unraveling, and the armies of the Shadow have begun to boil out of the Blight.

The sun has begun to set upon the Third Age.

Perrin Aybara is now hunted by specters from his past: Whitecloaks, a slayer of wolves, and the responsibilities of leadership. All the while, an unseen foe is slowly pulling a noose tight around his neck. To prevail, he must seek answers in Telaranrhiod and find a way--at long last--to master the wolf within him or lose himself to it forever

Meanwhile, Matrim Cauthon prepares for the most difficult challenge of his life. The creatures beyond the stone gateways--the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn--have confused him, taunted him, and left him hanged, his memory stuffed with bits and pieces of other mens lives. He had hoped that his last confrontation with them would be the end of it, but the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. The time is coming when he will again have to dance with the Snakes and the Foxes, playing a game that cannot be won. The Tower of Ghenjei awaits, and its secrets will reveal the fate of a friend long lost.

This penultimate novel of Robert Jordans #1 New York Times bestselling series--the second of three based on materials he left behind when he died in 2007--brings dramatic and compelling developments to many threads in the Pattern. The end draws near.

Dovieandi se tovya sagain. Its time to toss the dice., And it came to pass in those days, as it had come before and would come again, that the Dark lay heavy on the land and weighed down the hearts of men, and the green things failed, and hope died. From Charal Drianaan te Calamon, The Cycle of the Dragon.

In the Field of Merrilor the rulers of the nations gather to join behind Rand alThor, or to stop him from his plan to break the seals on the Dark Ones prisonwhich may be a sign of his madness, or the last hope of humankind. Egwene, the Amyrlin Seat, leans toward the former.

In Andor, the Trollocs seize Caemlyn.

In the wolf dream, Perrin Aybara battles Slayer.

Approaching Ebou Dar, Mat Cauthon plans to visit his wife Tuon, now Fortuona, Empress of the Seanchan.

All humanity is in periland the outcome will be decided in Shayol Ghul itself. The Wheel is turning, and the Age is coming to its end. The Last Battle will determine the fate of the world...